Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cross Over Top # 425

Modular Design for Couture Artwear is the name of my pattern collection. This piece is made using the type of silks and techniques I used when creating elegant one-of-a-kind silk clothing for galleries and special clients over the years. This is what I mean by "Couture Artwear".

The front silk panel is a cut-satin with chiffon, hand-dyed using Rit dye (yes, really, but I often use Jacquard Acid dyes too; both work well). The cut-velvet collar, cuffs, and pants are a silk-rayon blend, also dyed. The (Perennial Pant # 721) pants, are made double with a 8mm china silk lining.

This outfit was made for the International Textile Expo Fashion Show in Las Vegas, 03/ 2007.